THRIVE Program

Have you noticed you just don’t feel up to par lately when it comes to your health and physical activity? Many people have found that their old ways of exercising just aren’t cutting it anymore as they strive to keep themselves safe and healthy during this time. 

Maybe you’re feeling out of shape, or you’d simply like a “tune-up” to help you get back to feeling your best and functioning at a higher level of fitness.

Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably been searching for a convenient way to introduce more exercise and healthier habits into your daily routine.

Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center in Battle Creek, MI is excited to announce that we are implementing THRIVE this year, a subscription-based fitness program within our clinic. THRIVE was created to provide a safe, clean, and friendly place for past and present patients to exercise and maintain good health.  

At Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center,  our ultimate goal is to help our patients reach their highest physical potential, whether that’s through therapy treatment or fitness training, education, and prevention.  

If you’re interested in beginning a membership to our THRIVE program, contact us today! We look forward to watching every one of our patients achieve their goals and get back to feeling their best. With our care and commitment, we know that it’s possible for anyone who walks through our doors to do just that!


What is included in the subscription?

  • Independent gym access 2x/week
  • Quarterly consults with the DPT
  • Fitness classes 2x/week, tailored to capability level
    • Class titles and content to be determined
    • Lunch hour and after work
    • Healthy eating
  • Rapid access scheduling for therapy appointment without the need to see a physician first

Who is the THRIVE program for?

  • We are offering this program to our past and present patients and their friends/family members
  • Patients who would like access to our services without having to go through their primary care physician
  • Due to space/access being limited, we will offer THRIVE to the general public as space becomes available

What is the price for the THRIVE program?

  • $79.00/month
  • A 3-month commitment is required, but we offer a 12-month membership discount ($69.00/month)
  • You may cancel any time

Getting started

The past several months have been hard on all of us in every aspect: mentally, emotionally, and physically. We understand that many of our patients are looking for a reason to get out of their homes and take part in physical activities. 

Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center provides natural, safe, and effective treatment approaches for all of our patients, and we’re so excited to be offering more opportunities for fitness, education, and injury prevention.

You can restore your normal levels of function, achieve strength, and gain the training you need to lead a more active, healthy life. Our team is ready to support you in reaching your fitness goals!

We’re confident you’ll love THRIVE, so what are you waiting for? Contact us in Battle Creek, MI to learn more and begin your membership today.