Linda G.

January 30th, 2020

Age is just a state of mind! Or is it? Having moved into my 7th decade I am discovering that I cannot completely control what is going on physically by “ignoring” pain or “walking off” discomfort. I have recently undergone a total hip replacement and turned immediately to my friends at Muscle and Spine Rehab for physical and mental support during my recovery. This is not my first encounter with the team. They have helped me through a rotator cuff repair and debilitating back pain. Each time they have been supportive and knowledgeable in their plan of care for my individual situation.

The entire team , starting with Sherry as the reception desk through evaluation and treatment by physical therapist, Dr. Bob Essex, and physical therapist assistant, Teri, is coordinated and smoothly managed. I feel challenged during each session and can see progress and increase in my strength and confidence each time.

I am hoping not to become a “frequent flyer” but if I need more physical help with this part of the aging process I will not hesitate to call upon Muscle and Spine Rehab.