"A few weeks ago, the pain my back and neck kept me from doing even the smallest tasks. Walking, standing or sitting for more than a few minutes was very difficult. Now I feel like a new person - I have my life back! Thank you so much."


I originally selected Muscle and Spine Rehabilitation Center for treatment of my broken wrist because it was the most conveniently located rehab office from my workplace. What luck! I was able to combine my lunch hour with rehab, three times a week for three months. It was a pleasant experience from my first phone call to the office. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful to accommodate my work schedule. The physical therapists were very kind, caring, knowledgeable and professional. I enjoyed my visits - the exercise routine was made easier by the staff's humor. I was continuously challenged and experienced ongoing progress. Thanks to everyone for helping me return the normal use of my wrist. You are the best!


Jerrie D.

I would like to take this time to thank you for helping me with my rehab after back surgery. The combination of a clean facility, user friendly equipment and a staff that is knowledgeable, caring and sincere with their concern for my recovery is what it takes to have a winning team, which I believe you have assembled. I cannot say enough of my appreciation for what you and all of your staff have helped me accomplish. Thank you again for all of your help. I could not have done it with out you!


Ed M.

These are the best people in this business in my opinion. Every week of my recovery, I looked forward to my physical therapy appointments. The therapists were so nice and uplifting. I thought rehabilitation would never have been this fun. It was GREAT! I felt as if I were going to workout with friends - that is an atmosphere that anyone can recover in.

Thank you, ***, my therapist for making me want to push myself and for the support through every good day and every bad day that I had. I will never forget this time in my life, of course, but I cannot thank you enough for making it so much better by having you there.

Thanks again,

Jodie M.