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Golf Performance

Did you know…

  • 19 of the last 20 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert
  • 25 of the top 30 Players in the World Official World Golf Rankings Are advised by a TPI Certified Expert
  • 52 of the last 63 PGA Tour events were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

TPI Certified Golf Screen

Get screened for your golf fitness handicap and customized fitness training program!

The Titleist Performance Institute, headquartered in Oceanside CA, is the leading organization in golf-specific health, fitness and swing advice. It is one of the nation’s leaders in golf performance, and trains Certified TPI Golf Instructors and healthcare professionals to help you break past physical factors that limit you as a golfer. TPI has over 19,000 Certified Professionals in 63 countries, assisting players of all skill levels, and we are proud to have two at Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center. TPI has worked with thousands of golfers throughout its history, from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels . Through years of research and data collection, TPI has discovered how an optimally functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible.  In addition, TPI has analyzed how those physical limitations in a players body can adversely affect the golf swing and lead to potential injury.

TPI’s mission is to educate golfers and industry professionals on the Body-Swing ConnectionTM, which identifies the body’s physical limitations and how they directly correlate to their golf swing.  Participants will be taken through a series of functional tests. These tests evaluate your strength, flexibility and mobility and will provide recommendations to help maximize physical advantages unique to individual golfers, and that likely lead to a lower chance of injury.

Golf Performance Evaluation & Fitness Program

Performed by a Doctor of  Physical Therapy who is a TPI Certified.

Golf Performance Evaluation

  • 30 minute scheduled appointment
  • 13 point physical screen utilizing the custom app
  • Calculate your golf fitness handicap
  • Video analysis of Golf Swing

Golf Performance Fitness Program

  • 60-minute scheduled appointment
  • Review findings from evaluation
  • Personalized Strength & Flexibility Program to address your unique goals
  • Instruction on program and review of video findings

Golf Performance Re-Evaluation:

Golf Performance Re-Evaluation – Same services as Golf Performance Evaluation comparing personal evaluation benchmarks

  • Assess your body’s response to the program
  • Video analysis
  • Modify to attain your personal Golf Goals
  • Swing faults
  • Re-score your golf fitness handicap
  • Pain Scale
  • Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Rotation, etc.

Swing Faults

There are 12 swing faults common to golfers. A golfer may have none, one, or any combination of the 12 swing faults. The most common swing faults are:

  • S-Posture (25.3%)
  • C-Posture (33.1%)
  • Loss of Posture (64.3%)
  • Flat shoulder plane(45.2%)
  • Early extension (64.3%)
  • Over-the-top (43.5%)
  • Sway (37.2%)
  • Slide (31.4%)
  • Reverse Spine Angle (38.5%)
  • Hanging Back (32.2%)
  • Casting/Early Release (55.9%)
  • Chicken Winging (35.6%)

What causes these Swing Faults?

Swing faults may be caused by one of or any combination of the following things:

  • Lack of mobility
  • Poor Mechanics
  • Inability to separate upper and lower body motions
  • Poor kinematic sequencing and motor control
  • Strength deficits
  • Poor segmental stabilization
  • Inadequate stability
  • Poor segmental stabilization
  • Poor conditioning
  • Poor equipment

As TPI certified professionals, we are trained to identify these swing faults and help golfers eliminate their physical limitations and barriers, thus optimizing the golfer’s ability to physically produce their most efficient golf swing possible.

Upon completion of the TPI evaluation of these components, our certified team of professionals will prescribe a specific workout regimen to address your limitations and enhance your golf performance.

If you want to become a better golfer and hit the ball straighter, longer, with more consistency, and finish each round strong, this is the program for you!

Remember as they say at TPI, “If you don’t test, it’s just a guess”.

Will insurance cover my Golf Performance Evaluation?

It is possible if you have pain while playing golf. We will need to do a physical therapy initial evaluation first to determine the medical necessity of the golf performance evaluation. If you are not currently injured or in pain, or do not have medical insurance, we offer cash pay rates. Please contact Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center for details and appointment scheduling.