Fitness and Sports Training programs Battle Creek MI

FAST Program

Fitness and Sports Training programs have been developed by some of the country’s leading experts in human performance, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and athletics.

Certified FAST instructors at Muscle & Spine listen to your personal fitness and sports performance goals, and complete a functional movement screen, gait and running analysis to develop your customized training plan.

Group training and individual programs are available. Typical program is two times a week for 8 weeks, but customize plans are available.

  • Strength and Power. Develop functional strength, power, core stability and vertical jump capability utilizing the Olympic lift capable ProVibe vibration plate and advanced plyometric training.
  • Speed and Agility. Develop quickness and footwork, and flat out sprint speed with multi-planar over speed training utilizing the pneumex unweighting system, PneuGait safety harness and PT50 high-speed treadmill that can reach speeds of 30 mph!

FAST has been designed to enhance performance regardless of your sport, age, sex, or ability level. All FAST programs begin with and individual assessment by a doctor of physical therapy and certified FAST instructor, and address basic fitness issues, improving gait, balance, core strength, general conditioning, weight loss and quality of life.