Patient Testimonials

  • Age is just a state of mind! Or is it? Having moved into my 7th decade I am discovering that I cannot completely control what is going on physically by “ignoring” pain or “walking off” discomfort. I have recently undergone a total hip replacement and turned immediately to my friends at Muscle and Spine Rehab for physical and mental support during my recovery. This is not my first encounter with the team. They have helped me through a rotator cuff repair and debilitating back pain. Each time they have been supportive and knowledgeable in their plan of care for my individual situation.

    The entire team , starting with Sherry as the reception desk through evaluation and treatment by physical therapist, Dr. Bob Essex, and physical therapist assistant, Teri, is coordinated and smoothly managed. I feel challenged during each session and can see progress and increase in my strength and confidence each time.

    I am hoping not to become a “frequent flyer” but if I need more physical help with this part of the aging process I will not hesitate to call upon Muscle and Spine Rehab.

    Linda G.

  • My experience has been a good one. Each therapist was helpful and knowledgeable. I felt like they took their time with me and cared. They also listened to me.

    Ruth D.

  • My knee has been bugging me for a couple years, but it really became a problem after I ran about 3 miles in a very hilly environment. My knee hurt pretty bad for a week or two. After the constant pain subsided, I struggled with being on my feet for extended periods of time, stairs were a challenge, and my knee felt unstable. I started with Muscle and Spine about 4 weeks ago and my knee feels a lot stronger. The instability is almost gone and the pain while standing had been reduced significantly. I can get through a whole shift at work now without my knee causing me loads of pain. A big thanks to Ben, Teri, and Josh for pushing me!

    Josh C.

  • Absolutely recommended! Teri and Ben were phenomenal. The environment was friendly and welcoming, and I instantly felt like I was a part of the family. My hand that had no function capability is now back to 100% all thanks to these wonderful people!

    Kylie A.

  • Excellent, highly recommend. Everyone is courteous and very knowledgeable in multiple treatment plans!

    Barclay S.

  • Impressed with Josh and Ben and all the help they gave me! They are the Best!

    Valerie R.

  • The staff is very helpful and friendly they make you feel welcome the minute you walk in the door. I went there for neck pain, they were very attentive to my needs and provided exercises I can easy continue at home. I would highly recommend their services.

    Kathy S.

  • Went in with bad heel pain and within a month was able to get back into sports an running at normal speed. The team they have worked great together to get me back to do what I love!

    Joe H.

  • I had a very positive experience. The staff was very helpful.

    Shelly T.

  • Came in with sciatica. Received excellent care for 4 weeks. Very good care and can get back to normal life!

    Kirk M.

  • Excellent rehab facility and wonderful staff!! I came in for knee pain. Ben developed a treatment plan. Working with him and Teri, I am almost back to 100%. I am continuing my exercises at home to help build my strength back up. Thank you to all the staff for your help, kindness and friendliness. You all are awesome!!

    Sarah H.

  • Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Ben was very encouraging to make my lower back stronger issued the right exercise to continue at home.

    Cathy Z.

  • The staff here is very knowledgeable and great at their job. They go above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable while working to heal my pain.


  • I have been in therapy for over two years in other facilities. In my experience this facility has assisted me in finally getting to a point that I have the tools to now be on my own. Bob and Josh understood how my TBI affected my mind brain connection and through therapy I am closer to meeting my expectations to where I believe I can get back to where I was before my auto accident.

    Pam S.

  • Very satisfied with the therapy and therapist. Would recommend the facility to others.

    Flossie F

  • All staff are very professional and cheerful, eager to help. My family member learned a lot of alternate ways to do things and how to continue his work at home.

    Katrina S

  • 6 weeks ago I was recommended by my family doctor to start Physical Therapy at MSRC, for a shoulder injury. The staff at MSRC is very professional and helpful. My shoulder now is much better thanks to the staff at MSRC.

    Michael E.

  • All staff are very professional and cheerful, eager to help. My family member learned a lot of alternate ways to do things and how to continue his work at home.

    Katrina S.

  • I was experiencing bouts of Dizziness that would happen during sitting, walking, standing and driving. I spoke to my doctor, and was told, “You need to have your Ear Crystals reset.” So after some quick research, I agreed physical therapy as the best option. On first visit to Muscle and Spine Center, the PT explained what causes the condition and began basic treatment. One or two treatments later, the symptoms began to reduce… I am writing this review after my last appointment. The medical profession has various ways of treating conditions. In my case, no drugs or surgery was required. Just basic “learning” and balance exercises, and they have me feeling back to normal. Thank you, Ben for helping me through this condition. It is greatly appreciated, and I recommend you to anyone experiencing dizziness or vertigo.

    Ron L.

  • The professionals where very understanding and patient me and my problem. Couldn’t ask for better people to help. Always smiling and friendly. Making people at ease.

    Charlene M.

  • I had a wonderful experience, my knee pain is gone, the staff here is excellent so helpful & concerned about what ever concerns you might have. I hope I don’t have anymore issues but if I do I will definitely come back!

    Marcia M.

  • Broken shoulder—Muscle/Spine has proved stellar service for my family’s needs for years. As usual, staff here are knowledgeable, compassionate and have increased my capabilities in a short period. They answer my questions in a way I can understand. Won’t go anywhere else!

    Claire M.

  • I had a fabulous experience with this PT provider. Bob took the time to assess and establish a plan of care that resolved my issue of leg pain and weakness following a spine fusion. Both Bob and Terri were kind, patient and worked a miracle in my book to get me back to the level of activity and fitness I had prior to the onset of my back issues. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to the care they provide their clients. I would highly recommend this Rehab center to anyone. Thanks to all the staff members who worked with me these past couple of months!!

    Kathleen A.

  • I highly recommend them if you need Pt in the Battle Creek area. They were the only ones that were able to fix my tendons. They are always very friendly and helpful. I will always come here when I need PT. I just love them!

    Linda W.

  • I went to muscle and spine rehabilitation for my chronic neck pain and had the pleasure of working with Ben and Teri. Almost immediately I noticed some improvement in my neck pain which continued to improve over the duration of my treatment. Both of my therapists were very personable and professional, as was the rest of the staff, and I could have sat and talked to Teri all day, which was nice because it took my mind off of the muscle fatigue from the prescribed exercises. When my physical therapy was complete, they provided me with a print out of home exercises and affordably priced Therabands to continue my progress at home

    Bridget D.

  • The staff at Muscle and Spine is knowledgeable and friendly. They listen to their clients and are skilled at getting you rehabilitated as quickly as possible.

    Chris J.

  • Very nice facility. Great staff and I felt very important. My therapy was made especially for my condition and was adapted with my healing. Very impressed with Ben Smith and his commitment to my condition.

    Kim B.

  • Had a wonderful experience while receiving treatment for pain in my shoulder and knee. The Great and friendly staff provided effective and dynamic exercises to be performed at home and on site. They listened to my issues and progressed pitfalls and modified treatment to fit me. Can not say enough good things about muscle and spine rehab and would recommend to anybody!

    Clinton S.

  • Everyone was very efficient, courteous, and nice to work with.

    Charlotte E.

  • While waiting a few months for a dental extraction, I began to suffer from TMD symptoms. Following the extraction, I was referred to the center to address my symptoms which had begun to significantly affect my communication, eating, and sleeping with jaw and ear pain. Initially, I was somewhat skeptical this treatment would work, but it did and it did right away. My sessions have now ended and I’m almost back to myself with minimally remaining symptoms. I cannot thank the center enough for helping me to recover and doing so in such a genuine and professional manner.

    Michelle P.

  • Great rehab center! Came here due to an episode with my low back. Wanted to recover from that but more important to build my back strength and learn exercises and stretches to prevent future problems. The team is great and helped me meet those objectives! Thanks Dr. Ben and Josh!

    Nancy C.

  • I have been fighting horrible lower back pain for 2 and a half years due to a herniated disc and bulges. I have been on and off to other therapists with no lasting improvement. On the contrary I have gotten worse. After my second MRI in 18 months I was referred to Dr. Ben Smith and in 6 weeks using the McKenzie method I am BACK!!!!!! Ben has been awesome!!!! He has taught me so much and alleviated my pain. I am sleeping again and doing excersises and activities I haven’t been able to do without “flare ups” in 2 years! I love this place!!!!

    Tom H.

  • I came to Muscle & Spine Rehab with issues with TMJ/TMD. Ben was very thorough. He explained how the joint functions and helped to correct my problem with muscle manipulation and physical therapy. Today is my last therapy session and I feel nearly 100% back to normal function. With the tools I’ve been given, I’m certain I will be back to 100% very soon. Thanks to the staff at MSR for your help!

    Terri R.

  • Very professional to every detail.

    Herman E.

  • They certainly exceeded my expectations! You immediately feel their individualized attention towards getting you back to “normal”. They work 1:1 with you and adjust your care to meet your specific needs. I looked forward to my appointments as I knew I would have the help I needed while there and in a caring environment. They would be my first choice should I ever need therapy again.

    Karen C.

  • Muscle and Spine is great! I went there ten years ago and when I needed assistance again, it was my first choice. Level of care top notch, great staff and they gave me knowledge to manage an issue that will be ongoing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Lisa F.

  • The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a knowledgeable staff!

    Michelle H.

  • I went here for the pain at neck, shoulder, and upper back. In two months it improved drastically and the pain is almost gone. We identified the root cause being my desk ergonomics. My company is adjusting it and by then probably I won’t have any pain at all. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I do recommend Muscle and Spine!


  • First visit I was unable to walk/move without pain. After just 8 visits I have full ROM and very minimal pain. I can’t say enough thanks to Ben for the great work he does.

    Tracy R.

  • My son Elijah, had a strand right Achillies Tendon from a Track and Field event. The team has been consistently prompt, demonstrated a wealth of knowledge, encouraging and supportive. The exercises are very supportive to the injury and the team assured that the exercises are not overworking or causing pain. Most of all, the team has always been polite, worked well together and had great energy. On top of that, the team created a comfortable, relaxing environment with lots of humor. I recommend Muscle and Spine.

    Richard S.

  • When I first started being treated for back pain I could hardly walk or move. But after the great treatment and learning helpful exercises, I improved and am so thankful! Would recommend to anyone!

    Melissa E.

  • Teri and Bob were the best therapist in the whole building and I was happy every time I came in for my appointments!

    Kirk B.

  • Therapy is almost FUN! I feel I made great strides and made a really fast recovery from my knee replacement.

    Marcia S.

  • Very good time. Job well done!

    David P.

  • Great people and helped me a lot!❤️❤️❤️

    Sheri B.

  • Came in with nerve pain in my back and could barely walk or do anything with the pain. Ben and the rest of the staff were extremely helpful, and got me back on my feet running. Couldn’t thank them enough!

    Drew N.

  • Battle Creek’s number one rehabilitation center. I have been a patient for several injuries over the years. The staff from Sherry and Ashley who take care of scheduling and the therapy staff are very professional. They care for each patient from the beginning to the end of treatment. My experience with Dr. Bob and Teri my therapy team has given me the treatment and exercises that has allowed me to have a full recovery from a broken ankle. The facility is very clean and open when you are a patient you even begin to interact with the other clients many of whom are working toward recovery of many different types of surgeries or injuries. It actually becomes a time that you look forward to your session. If you are looking for a great facility and a caring and competent staff for your recovery please call to make an appointment. Try it for yourself and I think you will agree that you have found the perfect fit for your recovery

    Kristina S.

  • Everyone was very friendly and patient. I highly recommend Muscle & Spine to anyone considering physical therapy.

    Pam J.

  • This has been a pleasant experience for me. I came with much anxiety and felt physical relief as well as anxiety relief. The staff couldn’t have been nicer. I definitely do recommend it often.

    Janet B.

  • Suffering from years of severe neck pain, Dr Bob Essex did amazing work on my neck specifically on my muscles and spine. I felt tremendous relief from tight muscle pain and headaches! The exercises he provided allow me to maintain the relief from tight muscles on my own. I have recommended Muscle and Spine Rehab to family and friends. I will definitely go back if I ever have a need.

    Tony U.

  • Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Came for hip pain and found out it was originating from back. I was taught how to relive the pain without medication or long term therapy. I feel more in tune with my body and knowledgeable about listening to what it’s telling me. I really appreciate their help and kindness!

    Christina G.

  • I’ve been to two other rehab locations in town and Muscle & Spine is the best. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and personable. I was always greeted by name and never waited more than 5 minutes to be escorted to the treatment area. The equipment is cleaned/sanitized after each patient (never saw this done anywhere else.) I’d recommend Muscle & Spine Rehab to anyone needing help with their aches and pains or recovery needs.

    Romona P.

  • I came in with severe shoulder pain, and some neck pain….couldn’t walk, laugh or cough without stabbing pain. Thought maybe I had a rotator issue. Turns out I had a disc problem in my neck. I had significant improvement after my first evaluation with Ben, and continued to improve immensely! After two days I was 90% improved…..2 weeks later I’m good as new! I call Ben my miracle worker.

    Dawn Z.

  • I went to Muscle and Spine rehabilitation because of knee pain I was having. Ben evaluated me and got me on a plan for my knee. I saw many of the therapists and they were all very professional, friendly and helpful when I had questions. After 4 weeks of therapy and doing exercises at home my knee is almost 100%. I am continuing the exercise plan Ben gave me to strengthen my knee. I would recommend Muscle and Spine Rehabilitation Center because of their expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

    Cheryl T.

  • I had an awesome experience at Muscle and Spine. I had issues with TMJ and have had therapy before but other therapist didn’t have experience dealing with TMJ. Ben knew how to deal with TMJ and did an awesome job. I feel much better after completing therapy. I would recommend Muscle and Spine to anyone dealing with TMJ.

    Penny Y.

  • It’s truly a great place the staff are wonderful and help you get back to where you were. I tore my meniscus wrestling, soon after I had trouble playing lacrosse and had to have surgery to fix it. Went to therapy with Dr. Ben Smith every week and he helped me get back to playing. The staff are great, polite, and very professional. I couldn’t recommend a better place to go for therapy!

    Noah S.

  • After having pain for almost 2 years and unsuccessful relief from a chiropractor I finally decided to go to Muscle and Spine. Dr. Ben Smith was able I figure out what was wrong and come up with a plan for rehab. After just a few visits I was able tell I had better mobility and nearly pain free. They provided me with the information to keep me pain free and mobile going forward.

    Jeremy P.

  • I had broke my ankle and had to have surgery, a plate and 7 screws. After waiting 6 weeks with no weight on it. I started doing my own rehab at home, needless to say it wasn’t going well. So I started going to Muscle and Spine and improvement came very quickly. I learned that my strength in my ankle just wasn’t there. With different exercises at the office and at home, progress came very quickly. Everyone there was friendly from the front desk receptionist to all techs. Would recommend to everyone. Wish I would of started with them in the very beginning.

    Kevin B.

  • Happy with the results! Was suffering from vertigo and one session fixed it!

    Barb P.

  • This was the best workout for my problem! Thanks everyone!

    Jack H.

  • Originally I went for physical therapy with a sciatic issue.t. Then I had a knee replacement and had therapy for another 8 weeks. Therapy was excellent given by knowledgeable therapists. I would recommend this office to anyone.

    Lorena D.

  • Somewhere around February 2019 I started to experience some tingling in my left arm. The same kind of thing and you get like when your foot or leg goes to sleep. I thought it was due to the type of exercising I was doing at the gym which I go to about 3 to 4 times a week. In March 2019 I started to see a chiropractor to try to alleviate the pain and tingling but it did not work. I went to my physician for some routine stuff and discuss my issues and he recommended an EMG, which I wasn’t too excited about having and I ask about some rehab first. I went to Muscle and Spine and saw Dr. Ben on June 12th and he assessed me and gave me some special exercises to try. I was very diligent with the exercises and then went for my second visit to get reassessed on July 3. I told him the symptoms were totally gone and was very happy. I highly recommend Muscle and Spine rehabilitation to anybody with any type of issues related to the neck arm, or any other related spine or joint issues. The staff is very professional and the facilities are very nice and up-to-date. You won’t be disappointed.

    Al L.

  • I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff at Muscle and Spine. I had PT over 10 years ago at another facility, and this was so a far superior experience. I looked forward to going to my appointments each time, and was sad when my therapy was completed. (Unfortunately, therapy is no longer a medical necessity.) I cannot recommend this facility enough.

    Marcene T.

  • Great group of people. Hip pain is gone and back pain gone unless I over exert. Very helpful and caring group. Highly recommend them.

    Terry H.

  • I have had 3 separate occasions to use M&SRC and today was my last visit…two knees and 2 hips…and am very pleased with each therapy received…the therapists are well-informed and through their expertise, I am back normal activity….very professional staff…..very informative and friendly….highly recommend….

    Robert V.

  • My experience at Muscle & Spine Rehabilitation Center in Battle Creek was excellent. I came in a few weeks after running my first half marathon with some hamstring, neck, and lower back issues. At the end of my treatment, my pain was resolved and I learned daily exercises to maintain proper spine alignment going forward. I not only recovered from my injuries, but also learned so much about them and how to prevent them from recurring. Thank you!

    Cindy C.

  • Very Friendly, Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Clean environment. I’ve never personally had Physical Therapy until I came here. By far better than any chiropractor care I’ve had done. I had a herniated bulging disc that their staff did wonders with for me. Thank you to all the Staff!

    Ben K.

  • I came in following a hip replacement. The entire staff is friendly. I actually felt like part of the family. I never had to wait when arriving for my appointments. They worked around my schedule. The therapists really know what to do to help you recover. It’s nice to be known by name after just one visit by everyone there. I really expected to do a couple sessions and be done but what they do for you and the advances I made every visit resulted in complete recovery from surgery. I highly recommend this team for anyone needing rehab. Thank you for everything!

    Andy M.

  • I had severe shoulder pain and very little mobility in my shoulder when I arrived at Muscle and Spine Rehabilitation Center. My therapist (Ben) was able to get my shoulder to full mobility without any pain. This was such an improvement to my quality of life. Thank you to my therapists, assistants and staff for all of your help and making this a great experience. I am very grateful to be back to my regular activities!

    Rachael S.

  • My experience at the MSRC was such a pleasurable experience…from the appointment gals to Dr. Bob. They are so friendly and knowledgeable! He took genuine care of me and I felt much better at the end of my treatments. He sent me home with strengthening exercises so I can continue feeling better. It was a great treatment experience and I will miss them.

    Cynthia K.

  • Had a great experience. Everyone was Great to work with and very personal. Made me feel from the start that they cared. Always on time with my appointment.

    Netta H.

  • This place and staff are OUTSTANDING!!!! They each show a genuine/personal care for each patient from day 1 with the initial evaluation throughout the PT rehabilitation. I have had the pleasure of being treated by Bob and Terri and they have provided nothing but EXCELLENT care. This PT staff/facility is by far the BEST that I have ever dealt with.

    John Q.

  • My experience with them was, how quickly they got me back to the point I wanted to be at. All of their workouts I was able to feel it in my hamstring, and through time I was able to see results. My leg has gotten stronger because of the therapy, I feel like I can run faster and jump higher. Before I went to therapy I wasn’t able to dunk a basketball and now I can squat more and dunk. Everything was very easily set up and felt like it was making my stronger and better.

    Jalen F.

  • At my first appointment I was suffering with pain in the groin area. After the first hour of therapy with Ben, he totally relieved the pain. I continued therapy for a few more weeks with Terry and Ben twice a week working on strengthening weaker muscles to keep my body in better alignment and tremendously decreased pain. The treatment was miraculous for me.


  • I chose Muscle and Spine for my physical therapy when my knee pain just wasn’t getting better. After pinpointing the mechanical problems causing my knee pain, Dr. Essex tailored an exercise program to address these issues. As an ASTYM- certified specialist, Dr. Essex added an extra healing boost to my program and my knee hasn’t bothered me since. Highly recommended.

    Hayley M.

  • Part of my job responsibility is to evaluate the clinical performance of healthcare workers. I can tell you that Bob is a consummate professional! He has a great bedside manner, ensures your comfort, is very thorough, and is dedicated to finding solutions. In just 6 visits, Bob corrected my functional leg length discrepancy & I was able to remove the lift that I’d had in my shoe for over a year. He was also able to reverse a 3-week long headache & restore full range of motion in my neck! Every friend & colleague I’ve spoken to about MSRC has been very happy with their results & experience there.

    Macie V.

  • I was very worried about the rehab process after rotator cuff surgery. I have been MORE than pleased with the professional work that has happened at Muscle and Spine. The facility is always clean and neat. The staff is friendly and professional. The appointment times a very flexible and the staff is very accommodating when unexpected changes happen! My movement and strength have returned and I am almost done with my time at Muscle and Spine. I can highly recommend this facility to anyone!

    Carrie P.

  • The muscle and spine therapists are the best. They are very concerned with your recovery. If there are any questions about your condition they are always clear in their explanations. They are also very good to you, cheery and personable. They help you to achieve your personal goals to the best of your abilities. I have had therapy in several places throughout the years, but they are the best. You will always be greeted with a smile and you will miss them when your therapy is complete. I highly recommend Muscle and Spine.

    Robin S.

  • Bob and Kelly have done an outstanding job with my foot. I have gone from a boot with a walker to a shoe and cane and now walking without assistance. Very professional and caring

    Donna B.

  • They treat you like family from the moment you walk in the door to your last day of treatment. I highly recommend this location for therapy.

    Mary Jane C.

  • Terry and Bob are excellent and genuinely professional! I am definitely giving the entire staff there a thumbs up. From the time I walk in there, till the time I depart I’m put completely at ease. I have benefitted so well from the care and exercise plan Bob and Terry chose for me. I went in for a very sore wrist and shoulder and was sure I’d need surgery but they worked with me and strengthened my wrist and was so amazed at the improvement. I have referred them to anybody I know that needs quality when it comes to pain management. They will make you smile and feel good again!!!

    Laura S.

  • Just want to thank Muscle & Spine Clinic for all the pain relief I have received since attending their office. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and it was the most intensive aching I have ever experienced. After attending their clinic for a few weeks, I can sleep again and twist my neck in both directions. I’m so glad my husband and I found them.

    Marti H.

  • This place is amazing! They worked with my son after he broke his leg. They really worked with his needs and got him ready to play sports again.

    Carrie W.

  • I had rotator cuff repair surgery and was very concerned with my ability to return to my active lifestyle. I was able to schedule my appointments and complete the therapy prescribed by my surgeon. I was given a comprehensive home exercise program that I am still performing today. I am pleased to be back to 100% function and zero pain. I highly recommend Muscle and Spine Rehab.

    Michael S.

  • The staff at Muscle & Spine were very professional, competent, and friendly. My treatment provided by Bob and Teri was successful. They always kept me informed. Additionally, the atmosphere was fun! I would give Muscle & Spine my highest recommendation.

    Kathy M.

  • I feel I have gotten excellent therapy here at Muscle and Spine. I would certainly encourage others needing PT to check here first!

    Sarah M.

  • Everyone is so professional and so nice! I feel like I got the help I needed, I am able to do more with my arm and I am able to move my arm much better. I have been to other therapy places and I will not go anywhere else besides muscle and spine. I am beyond satisfied.

    Gertrude S.

  • Before physical therapy I had trouble walking, standing for long periods, and just general pain on my left side. All of that has greatly improved since completing therapy. I no longer have any pain. The staff here is wonderful! They have kept me coming back four different times for different reasons, and I have not been disappointed.

    Geneva B.

  • Muscle and Spine are the BEST! After two surgeries, Teri and Ben helped me get to 100% recovery. They met all my needs with appointment times and days. I highly recommend using them if you need any type of Physical Therapy!

    Martha G.

  • Difficulty with sciatic and other hip issues. Pleasant, helpful people guiding me through a series of stretches and exercises have helped immensely.

    Lorena D.

  • Teri was excellent. She did a great job of nudging me so that I did my rehab and got me healthy in 6 weeks! No more plantar fasciitis ever is my hope. As much as I liked everyone in your office, I never want to come back LOL

    Corrin B.

  • The staff at Muscle & Spine was very knowledgeable, courteous, and hospitable. My surgeon was extremely happy with my post-op rehab progress as they consistently kept me ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Muscle & Spine to anyone who needs physical rehab or therapy.

    Travis M.

  • My experience with Muscle and Spine began 19 years ago after a bad motorcycle accident where I damaged my spinal cord. There are so many choices for rehabilitation and I checked out 3 of them. The reason I chose M&S is because Bob Essex took the time to meet with myself and my family to talk about a rehabilitation plan to ensure I was comfortable with it and agreed we were all on the same page. I wanted the most aggressive therapy they could provide we would adapt and change the plan as we progressed. Respectful, friendly, laughter, good listeners, and “family” is how I describe them to people who ask. I also had the misfortune to break a leg 9 years ago and you guessed it; I was right back at it on the mat tables with Bob and Teri at Muscle and Spin

    Brad M.

  • Dr. Ben was easy to work with, very helpful and knowledgeable. Great office and equipment. Highly recommend!

    Jen V.

  • After having hurt my back, following long car rides, with lots of golf sandwiched between, I was referred to the muscle and spine rehab center. Before my first visit, I was still in a lot of pain but I was encouraged by my PT wife that I was making a good decision as she had heard great things about the center staff. On my first visit I was kindly greeted by reception staff and my PT Ben. The evaluation that Ben provided was spot on…i.e. he knew I overdid it golfing and that I probably didn’t stretch properly and/or enough before golfing (and driving). After Ben administered therapy he gave me some stretches and exercises to do at home (homework). I returned to see Ben 48 hours later feeling a whole lot better and with much-improved mobility and decreased pain. Over the course of my next six visits, with additional back and core strengthening stretches and exercises administered at the center and added to my home routine, I was soon back to golfing on a regular basis. In all honesty, my core is stronger than it has been in a long time and I have better flexibility and mobility. Moreover, I’m sincerely motivated to keep it up because “I haven’t got time for the pain! Naturally, I should have listen to my knowledgeable and goodly wife who all along said, “you need to be stretching,” but I can honestly say that I am so glad I went to the Muscle and Spine Rehabilitation Center. Ben is a great guy and a terrific PT.

    Greg R.

  • I was a patient at Muscle & Spine a few years ago because of bulging discs in my back. When I first started, I couldn’t sleep and had a hard time completing every day activities because I was in so much pain. After just a few visits, I started feeling so much better. They provided me with all the stretches and exercises I needed to make my back feel better, and everyone was always so friendly and helpful. I actually looked forward to my PT appointments. To this day, they are still there for me when I need it (shoutout to Teri!!!) I wouldn’t have wanted to do my PT anywhere else!

    Kendall L.

  • Very professional, knowledgeable and personable therapist and staff. My condition improved greatly and I will definitely recommend that anyone that needs physical therapy should seek help at the Muscle and Spine Rehabilitation Center.

    Florence M.

  • Staff is very knowledgeable and pleasant. Ben did a outstanding job on my particular problem. I would recommend to anyone.

    Kai L.

  • The staff is super professional and very friendly. They are very good at helping you reach your therapy goals and helping you get range back after injuries. I would definitely recommend Muscle & Spine to anyone who needs physical therapy, they’re great!

    Haley V.