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Joshua Burnett

Joshua Burnett , PTA

I graduated in 2015 from Brown Mackie College in South Bend, IN with an Associates of Applied Science. I have experience working with aquatic therapy, so I’m a good source if have questions regarding this. I have taken courses on Multi-Region Core Stabilization and Geriatric Therapeutic Exercise. My passions working in our facility are sport simulated exercise, gait, balance, manual therapy, core strengthening and muscle re-education.

When not working, I enjoy playing tennis or going out for runs. You might hear me talk about the latest road race I’ve completed whether it be a 5k or up to full marathon. I have the most loving and protective dog in the world named Captain, for Captain America. I’m also an avid reader relating to history, science, adventure, and the Bible. I enjoy traveling and attending concerts of most genres. Lastly, I go to the movies whenever the opportunity presents itself.